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An odyssey of form, texture and light

I make sculptural porcelain vessels. “Vessel” can denote both a container and a conveyance, a receptacle for safekeeping and a means of travel.

So many possibilities: the dialogue between the space within and without; a sly wink at the expanding curve of the universe; the play of light on an undulating surface. These I chase like a cat chases its tail.

I fell for clay early and hard. As a four-year-old, living in Casper, Wyoming, I came home one raw spring day so caked with mud that my mother didn’t realize, until she hosed me down, that I was naked. These days the dirt is porcelain, but the thrill is just as fresh.

Tempered by fire, porcelain combines the durability of stone with the translucence of  glass — glass that is plastic at room temperature. In my dreams, I make pots that look as though they were flung by the ocean onto some remote shore, improbable as any flotsam. Peculiar, particular, recessive — birthed or grown, perhaps, rather than made.

The vessels you’ll encounter in these pages are invitations to stow your imagination and explore with me the mysteries of material, form and process. Welcome.

— Victoria Loe Hicks

Recent Work from the Gallery

Notes from the Studio

Pots that turn me on

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Next week I begin a program at Anderson Ranch called "advanced mentored studies." In preparation, I was asked to name three contemporary ceramic artists who inspire me and to say why, along with providing [...]

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Why I love porcelain

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All clay bodies include kaolin, the white clay (sometimes called “china clay”) that gives porcelain its characteristic milky color and silky texture. But other clay bodies also include colorants such as iron oxides, as [...]

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The joy of wedging

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Some potters regard wedging as a kind of drudgery, but there’s something wonderfully meditative about it, just as there is about kneading bread dough. In theory, clay fresh out of the bag doesn’t need [...]

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